Why Should I Carry Out Property Inspections?

Whether or not you trust your tenant to abide your decorating rules, it is wise for landlords to carry out regular property inspections so you can spot any problems quickly. 


Tenants who repeatedly make excuses to prevent you from gaining access should be treated with extreme suspicion. It’s likely that a bad paint job is the least of your worries…


If you conduct a property inspection mid-tenancy and discover the tenant has gone ahead and decorated without your permission, take a moment before you react badly. Assuming they have done a good job and the end result is tasteful, it might be better to agree to let it slide, as long as they return the property to its original condition at the end of the tenancy. An otherwise reliable tenant is not worth losing over a minor issue. However, if the end result is terrible, ask them to fix it and remind them they are in breach of their tenancy agreement.


If decorating at the end of a tenancy is not your cup of tea, it’s usually easier to pay someone else to do the job. Professional decorators can carry out the work in a fraction of the time as it takes a normal person. They also do a much tidier job.


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