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An interesting and informative series of short articles providing expert opinion, commentary and advice on all kinds of property lifestyle issues with our residential sales and lettings partners.

  • MEES is coming! Are you ready?

    If you are a landlord with property which may not be the most energy-efficient, new rules being introduced in April could give you a shock.   The Minimum Energy Efficiency S...

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  • New legislation for landlords and tenants

    The Government is inviting people to have their say on new legislation which will have a major impact on landlords, tenants and letting agents.   The biggest element of this...

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  • Have your say on proposed landlord licence i...

    <p>A consultation into a new licensing scheme for landlords in Telford has been delayed until after the General Election - but people can still have their say.</p> &l...

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  • Nock Deighton welcomes Client Money Protecti...

    The lettings and property management team here at Nock Deighton are delighted to see the Government listen to calls to give landlords and tenants more financial protection.

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  • Is your property ready for new energy rules?

    A new minimum level of energy efficiency will be about to come into force this time next year, so it’s worth acting now to make sure your property will comply.

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  • What makes a "typical" landlord?

    Some new research has been published which gives an interesting insight to the state of the lettings industry across the UK.

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  • The importance of tradespeople

    As a landlord, having access to good tradespeople is a must - but if you are new to property management, how do you go about finding someone you can rely on? Dawn Clarke, direc...

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  • What makes a good tenant?

    Whether you are a first-time landlord or have been in the lettings industry for years, choosing the right tenant is always a tricky task.   As letting agents with many years...

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  • Whose responsibility is the garden?

    As we bask in the long, hot summer days (we wish!), many of us will spend a lot of time in our gardens. But who’s responsibility is it to keep a garden in good order when...

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  • Average rents rise

    The average rent on new tenancies has risen by just over five per cent nationally over the past year - good news for landlords and those considering a property investment.   ...

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  • Right to Rent legislation is here

    The controversial ‘Right to Rent’ legislation has recently come into force, creating another legal hoop for landlords to jump through. The new rules mean it is the ...

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  • How to keep your property fit and well over ...

    If you are a landlord, your rental property is a big investment so it makes sense to keep it in a good condition, which will not only help to retain its value but also cut down on ...

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  • Plans to give tenants power to sue landlords...

    The head of property management here at Nock Deighton is welcoming plans to give tenants the power to sue their landlord if the accommodation is in poor condition. A new Govern...

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  • Landlords, October is here! Are you ready?

    So October has arrived! The Deregulation Act has come into force, and the lettings team at Nock Deighton is concerned about how it will affect landlords and tenants.   There...

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  • Nock Deighton staff pass their exams

    We are very proud to announce that four of our lettings staff have expanded their knowledge of the industry by passing their latest round of technical qualifications. Staff from...

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