Why is professional video so important for business in our now highly digital society?

👀 80% of everything we perceive is through our sense of sight. In fact, a larger part of the brain is dedicated to vision than it is to any other sense.

🔐 It builds trust and helps to develop a strong relationship with the viewer. It creates a sense of personal touch and interaction, allowing the viewer to engage effectively and have much stronger confidence in what they are buying.

🥰 It can induce a strong emotional connection to the brand and / or product. The combination of music, colour, and effective storytelling can create a powerful emotional reaction. Emotion is the key to captivating and enticing consumers.

📲 Over 90% of consumers now watch video on their mobile devices. Video is very easily optimised for mobile and can be extremely effective when it is then targeted to the right audience.

📊 Boosts Conversions and Sales. Is it any wonder that the likes of John Lewis, Nike, Amazon and Gymshark are so heavily involved in professional video production? It’s because they understand the power of video and how it leads to greater sales and brand influence. Studies have shown that 74% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.


Tom Ratcliffe

Head of Media Production

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