Which is the Best Estate Agent in Shropshire?

It’s always difficult to choose between professionals who do a similar job - what’s the difference between two solicitors firms based in Shropshire, for instance?


So it is with estate agents. Deciding which agent to help sell or rent your home is really tricky - for a number of reasons.


For a start, you are dealing with in all likelihood the biggest financial investment you will ever make, so a lot is at stake.


Also, estate agents are traditionally not very good at distinguishing themselves from one another, and you may not even know what qualities you want in your estate agent - what makes one agent any better than the others?


Well, there is a new online search tool to help with all that, called the Best Estate Agency Guide, which rates every estate agent in the country and lists the top 20% in the guide.


Compiled by independent industry experts, the Property Academy, and supported by Rightmove, the guide rates branches rather than estate agencies as a whole, to reflect the “hyper-local” level of service.


Branches are tested against a set of customer service and performance criteria, including mystery shopping and data analysis.


You can check out the guide and search for estate agents in your area by going to the Best Agency Guide website here.


There are other ways you can choose an estate agent too, of course. The first thing you can do, which you have probably done already without even realising it, is talk to your family and friends about their experiences. Were their agents friendly and helpful, did they advise them well and help them achieve a good price?


You will probably already have an impression about who the busiest agents are Telford, but take a closer look - how many For Sale boards from each agent can you see on your way to work, for instance? It doesn’t automatically mean they are capable, but having lots of stock for sale is usually a good indicator that an agent is doing well.


There are plenty of other factors to consider as well - why not give us a call for more advice on 01952 292 300.

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