When do the clocks change in 2021?

The nights are lighter and days are longer. Spring is on it's way!

You have probably thought by now 'When do I need to change my clocks?'

The bad news is, as we are moving into Spring, the clocks go forward meaning that we will lose an hour sleep this weekend.

You need to change your clocks on Sunday 28th March 2021. When the locks strike 2am, it will become 1am. 

Most digital devices such as your mobile phone will automatically change, but watches and clocks will usually have to be done manually.

So, how will you spend the extra daylight hours?

Lockdown isn't over yet, so an extra hour in the pub isn't an option! Will you spend sunset at the top of the Long Mynd? How about an evening stroll across the fields? 

Shropshire is the perfect place to be for Spring 🌷

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