When is The Best Time To Sell My House?

Is Now the Best Time to Sell?


Whilst we haven’t yet hit the bitterly cold Winter, the sandals are being swapped for boots and you may be reaching for an extra layer more frequently than you hoped. Autumn is in sight, and if you have been wondering ‘When is the perfect time to sell my house?’, you will want to continue reading.

Below are 3 Reasons Why Selling Your Home in Autumn Is Beneficial.

As reluctant as you may be, it’s time to admit that Christmas is creeping just around the corner.  Those that are looking to buy before Christmas are MOTIVATED. They want to spend Christmas 2019 in their new home and therefore are SERIOUS BUYERS. This reduces time wasters and the likelihood that your sale will fall through. Some people will be waiting until the new year to buy, we understand that, but those that aren’t are ready and waiting to snap up their dream home before the festive season, and that could be yours.   Along with motivated buyers comes your selling power. If more people are waiting until the new year to sell this mean less competition in the market, thus resulting in higher demand for available properties, and with higher demand comes higher prices.  Check to see what your house could be with via a FREE Online Valuation.


Have you heard of the word Hygge? Pronounced "hoo-gah," Hygge is a Danish attitude towards life that teaches to find joy in the everyday. Rather than allow the colder months of Winter affect your mood and the shorter, darker, days affect your motivation to work, hygge is about celebrating cosiness, warmth and family, as well as practicing mindfulness. You may be wondering how this possibly could affect the sale of your home, well, when showcasing your home to potential buyers it is important to inject an essence of a hygge atmosphere. Candles, soft furnishing and fires are a perfect way to do this, whilst also providing a much softer light to photographs.  As we previously mentioned, buyers are already motivated to move, so why not persuade them that your house will be perfect over Christmas by allowing them to imagine LIVING there. 


Summer seemed to come and go in a flash, and the notion of going outside in a t-shirt almost a distant memory. For most it is reflection time. Is the garden just not big enough anymore? Do you have enough space for that BBQ you're proud to own? Did the conservatory manage being host to more people? Perhaps you've decided you NEED a conservatory. All these elements of the Summer initiate reflection as to whether your home remains truly suitable for your family. As a result, requirements tend to change at the end of the Summer, and your home may now fit buyer's adjusted needs. 


If you have been toying with the idea of putting your house on the market but weren’t sure when the best time to sell your house is, hopefully now you are aware of the benefits of selling in Autumn.

If you would like some free, impartial advice about selling your home, please contact one of our agents in your area.

In preparation for putting your home on the market, get an idea of what price you could achieve by getting a FREE Online Valuation.





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