Shropshire House Prices Update

Are house prices going up or down? Depending on what newspaper you read on which day, you’ll read a different figure.


Different organisations give varying figures - the Land Registry uses the average price houses have sold for, whereas others like Rightmove use an average of the asking price of all the properties on the market.


As a landlord or someone looking to selling your house, the state of the property market is important to you, so what figures should you believe?


At Nock Deighton, we have over 180 years of experience dealing with property in the Shropshire area and have seen prices rise and fall, so we thought we would use that knowledge to produce our own house price updates.


Our property management team look after more than £100 million worth of property across Shropshire & Worcestershire, and we currently have around £140 million worth of property for sale - so we have a pretty good insight into how the market is moving.


Our house price index will look at a cross-section of the figures out there and combine them with our own statistics to produce an accurate snapshot of what the property market is doing here in Shropshire.


The reports will be clear and simple, using graphics to make them easy to digest quickly - we know you’re too busy to wade your way through reams of facts and figures.

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