Tenants Cost of Living

The UK Government’s announcement that the average annual energy bill will be £2,500 over the next two years, from 1st October 2022, means that a price guarantee will be applied to the cost per unit of energy. Despite this, we understand that household finances will still be under strain from the effect of higher energy costs and inflation.

Nock Deighton are here to support you through these challenging and uncertain times. You’ll find below a range of helpful cost of living tips and suggestions.

  1. Are you claiming available government support funds?

There are several support funds available that tenants or homeowners could be entitled to from the UK Government under the Help for Households campaign. If you are experiencing any financial difficulty, then please explore the following helpful links.

2. Ways to make savings on your gas and electricity usage

Citizens Advice has shared a number of ways you could make potential savings on your daily gas and electricity usage.

  • Make savings on your hot water – you only need to run your immersion heater for a couple of hours a day, or less if you have an electric shower.
  • Check your water tank has an 80mm insulation jacket and your hot water pipes have foam insulation or ‘lagging’ – report any issues via our website if you have concerns about insulation: https://nock-deighton.fixflo.com/issuereport/CreateIssue
  • Run your washing machine at 30 degrees and try where possible to only wash a full load
  • Switch to LED or energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Close curtains or blinds in the evening to keep heat in
  • Set your fridge temperature to between 3 – 5 degrees and defrost your freezer regularly

3. Have you considered turning down the ‘flow temperature’ on your boiler?

It could save 6-8% on your gas bill (Heating and Hot Water Council). Speak to a Gas Safe Heating Engineer for advice on which flow rate is best for your boiler. Read The Heating Hub for more information.

4. Turn down the hot water

Whether you have a combi boiler or an immersion heater you could make savings by turning down the hot water, start at 45 taking it up 1 or 2 at a time until it’s hot enough for you. For further advice please contact your utility provider, boiler manufacturer or a Gas Safe Heating Engineer.

5. Compare petrol and diesel forecourt prices before you fill up

Before you fill up, compare Petrol and Diesel prices near you using an online comparison site such as, Go Compare or Confused.com.

6. How to increase your miles per gallon

The RAC have some helpful tips for ‘hypermiling’ to help you increase your miles per gallon (mpg).

  • Make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.
  • Have a gentle right foot.
  • Drive as smoothly as possible – anticipate what is coming up.
  • Reduce wind resistance – remove your roof bars and roof box.
  • Combine journeys – a warm engine is more efficient.

7. Turn off the oven and use alternative cooking appliances to lower electricity usage

Did you know switching from an oven to a slow cooker, air fryer or microwave will save you money on your energy bill because they draw less electricity KW per hour.

8. Make your ingredients go further

Tesco’s has a Recipe Finder online tool to give you recipe ideas for ingredients that you need to use up. Not only will you reduce food waste, but you’ll do your bit for the environment too.

9. Keep fit for free

If you like to keep active there are lots of ways you can do so without needing to join a gym. If you like exercising outside, walking and running are free to enjoy every day. If you like to follow an instructor, then you can download FitOn – a FREE app.

We are here to support you, and really want to work with you through these challenging times.

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