A Shropshire Surveyors Property Maintenance Tips in Extreme Weather Conditions

As Shropshire continues to experience strong winds, heavy rainfall and flooding home owners should undertake regular checks and maintenance to prevent potentially serious and costly repairs.

  • Cap unused chimney flues and pots  

Unused chimney flues and pots should be capped to prevent rainwater penetration. When capping it is important to maintain air flow through the redundant flue in order to prevent dampness problems in the chimney stack, the chimney breast where it passes through the loft space, and in the rooms below.


  • Check roofs for slipped, cracked or badly damaged tiles/slates

Rainwater penetration through the roof covering can cause timber decay in the loft space and damage to plaster ceilings below. Wind heave can turn just one slipped tile into many and it is recommended that repairs are carried out promptly to prevent any danger to passersby and increasing repair costs.


  • Clear gutters

Gutters often become blocked with leaves, weeds or debris and should be cleaned out on a regular basis. Water tightness and alignment should be checked. Repair or replace any defective or missing sections immediately in order to protect the property from staining, damp and timber decay.


  • Maintain any trees close to property

Trees are at particular risk of uprooting or collapse during sustained periods of wet weather and high winds. A tree is the property and responsibility of the landowner, who may be liable for any damage caused. Always check with the Local Authority whether a Tree Protection Order is attached before maintaining a tree.


For further advice please contact experienced Shropshire Chartered Surveyor Stephen Morris MRICS, Chartered Building Surveyor, at Nock Deighton Professional Services on 01743 241251.




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