Tips For Doing Your Own Property Viewings

Top 10 tips for doing your own viewings

The moment when a potential buyer steps over your threshold is the most important stage of the whole process of selling a house. It’s your chance to show them exactly why they should be buying your house – and why it’s worth the asking price.

Here are our Top Ten tips for a successful viewing.

  • Be positive - about everything!
  • Never apologise for your house.
  • Tidy and vacuum before your viewers arrive.
  • De-clutter everywhere but especially kitchen surfaces.
  • If you have pets, remove them from the house during the viewing. A barking dog is not a good way to greet a viewer!
  • Give advice about the local area, neighbours, nearest shops and schools. Remember to be positive.
  • If you property is in the catchment area of a good school, have some information to hand about its results and good reputation.
  • Be positive - but be honest. You cannot knowingly withhold information about your property and sellers are just as liable as estate agents under the Property Mis-Descriptions Act (now the OFT CPR).
  • If you know good tradesmen, let your viewers know. It's reassuring for people to have professionals to turn to when they move to a new area.
  • Be friendly, but don't feel the need to talk too much - no-one likes a hard sell!

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