Should I Switch Estate Agents?

Your house has been on the market for a while and there has been little or no interest shown from potential buyers. Would a change of agent help?

There can be any number of reasons why you are experiencing difficulty in selling your home. It could be down to:

  • The area you live in

  • The perceived condition of the property

  • The price you are asking

  • Is your estate agent failing to market it in the best way?

  • Do people know it is up for sale? (Not as daft as it sounds!)

It may be that none of these problems are in play, everything has been done correctly and things are ticking along nicely. So don’t panic.

Some people put their house on the market and think there are major issues if no one comes calling immediately. It can be very difficult to know what the timescale should be and if everything that could be done to aid the sale has been done.

It’s important to trust your agent, they are the experts and are involved in the housing market on a regular basis so should know what they are doing while looking after your best interests. They also have a pretty good stake in ensuring the sale goes through to everyone’s satisfaction.

But it doesn’t always work out. That is why it pays to keep an open mind and move to change agent when you have weighed and appraised the situation logically and are absolutely sure it is the right thing to do.

Let us consider why your home is not generating any interest and what you can do about it.

It’s a plain fact of life that some houses sell quicker than others and some areas are more conducive to quicker sales but it should be easy to get some idea of how quickly houses are selling in your area and at what price.

Homes for sale are all across social media and a walk past your High Street estate agent’s window will show how quickly homes are being sold and for what. You can always gauge the local climate by keeping an eye on what properties are for sale near you and get the low-down by word of mouth from neighbours - or by taking the time to ask your agent!

Maybe the price is just too high and needs to be looked at again to come up with a more realistic figure. But don’t be panicked into selling your home for a ridiculously low figure, well below what you realistically feel it is worth.

It could be that people are simply unaware your home is up for sale. Is it being marketed in the right places, local paper, magazines, social media and so on? Speak to your agent and reassure yourself they are doing everything possible to ensure the property is being seen by as many people as possible.

Is the property being seen in the best light from photographs or to anyone passing by for a look before arranging a viewing? Make sure your home is seen at its best with the benefits and advantages laid out for all to see.

If all these steps have been covered and it remains a mystery why you are not attracting any interest, then it may be time to think about changing estate agent.

Nock Deighton is an award-winning High Street estate agent with many years experience in helping people buy and sell their homes. Our staff know the area, the market and the things you need to do to ensure a sale.

We also pledge to sell your property for the highest price possible in the current economic climate. Why not pop in to your localNock Deighton office to get the very best advice?

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