How the right photography can make the world of difference to sell your house



How the right photography can make the world of difference to sell your house. 




GETTING the attention of a potential buyer really starts with the quality of pictures of your house. People have high standards and little patience. If your imagery is not good enough, the buyer will simply move onto the next property.


Even if you have the perfect home, if we can’t get people through the door, a sale is simply impossible to achieve.


Sadly, although a cliche, when it comes to houses, people really do ‘judge the book by its cover'. If the images are dark, wonky, blurred, bins outside, cars on the drive, the list goes on! This will really chip away at the confidence of any would be purchaser. If the owner and the agent can’t be bothered to create a good first impression, why should somebody take the time to view? 


People these days are cash rich but time poor. They will simply dismiss the property and move on to find something else.


The other key issue is the importance of how we present the Kitchens and Bathrooms. The main selling features of any home. Whilst they don’t have to be the latest in styles, and they do need to look spacious and clean. Any picture you take will not be nearly as bad as the imagination of a buyer if no images are included at all!


It’s amazing how many buyers lack imagination, so be warned. Do their job for them! Make sure all your imagery is bright, crisp and airy. The results will follow.


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