Why Property Photography is so Important

Photography is a vital factor in the marketing of your property.

It is essential to have the very best photography showcasing your home to enable potential buyers to establish a positive first impression, something they do within seconds of viewing your property.

If the first impression of your property is positive this will lead to a quicker sale of your property, potentially with a higher offer than your original asking price.

Alongside our ability to capture high quality photographs of your home, we also have a well establish, strong relationship with our industry photo editors. Resulting in the creation of high resolution, perfectly edited photographs, featuring elements of the home which possibly could not have been achieved when taking the original photographs. For example, if your garden is currently under construction, hindered by the great British weather, we can capture photographs that can later be edited to showcase what you intend for it to look like, minus the mess and mud left by the builders.

Here is just one example of photographs that have been edited to show the property in not only its best light, but also fully furnished, equipped with a landscaped garden and beautiful views.

Bedroom Before:

Bedroom After:

Living Space Before:

Living Space After:

Sitting Room Before:

Sitting Room After:


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