Our Contribution to Computers for Schools

At Nock Deighton, community involvement and giving back is at the heart of everything we do. For several years, our Lettings Director, Dawn Clarke, has been at the forefront of this commitment with her collaboration with the charity, Computers for Schools.

Computers for Schools is a remarkable charity that focuses on bridging the technological gap in education. By raising funds with the help of agents, businesses, and suppliers, Computers for Schools deliver much-needed technological devices to schools and children across the UK. The charity’s model is straightforward yet powerful: for every five donations of £10, a tablet is donated. Once twenty donations are reached, a laptop is provided to a school chosen by the supporters.

Dawn Clarke has been a driving force behind our involvement with Computers for Schools. Over the past few years, she has utilised the generosity of landlords attending her landlord conferences to raise funds for this cause. Through her efforts and the support of the local community, Dawn has facilitated contributions that translate directly into educational resources for children.

This month, Dawn had the pleasure of delivering 5 new tablets to The Bridge School in Telford, Shropshire. These devices, funded by donations from previous landlord events, will make a substantial difference in the students’ learning experiences. The Bridge School, known for its dedication to providing a supportive environment for its students, was thrilled to receive these tablets.

We extend our thanks to the landlords who attended Dawn’s events and contributed to this cause. Your generosity has made a significant impact, and we are proud to see how these donations are changing lives.

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