Shropshire House Prices - January 2017

Here are our latest house price figures:

  • Monthly decrease in December of 0.3%
  • Year-on-year rise of 5.4%

Despite the small dip prior to Christmas, we are predicting the steady increase in house prices which we saw during 2016 to continue throughout 2017.


Michael Nettleton, sales and marketing director at Nock Deighton, says: “A lot of commentators are warning of a tough year ahead, but those fears are very much based on the London market which is currently facing up to a number of its own challenges.


“House prices in London have fallen due to a perfect storm of uncertainty over Brexit and a natural correction of over-inflated prices in recent years.


“So when you include London in the analysis of the national market it will result in a slightly skewed picture.


“However, Shropshire’s property market is actually performing well and we are confident that house prices will continue to grow at a steady rate.


“We are predicting a continued monthly increase in the region of circa 0.2% during 2017, which while not headline-grabbing, will be good news for the market in general.”

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