Shropshire House Prices February 2016

House prices are continuing to rise in Shropshire, with about 15 per cent fewer homes on the market than this time last year, according to industry figures.

The agents here at Nock Deighton compile a monthly house price report, and the latest figures show a yearly increase of 2.75 per cent with an average sold price of £263,138.

Michael Nettleton, director of sales and marketing at Nock Deighton, said a shortage of houses coming onto the market was pushing prices up compared to this time last year.

He said: “Our house price index shows a small monthly decrease of 1.2 per cent for February, but year-on-year prices have continued to rise. The availability of stock is the key issue, with industry sources suggesting there are around 15 per cent fewer houses on the market at present compared to last year.

“That’s good news if you are looking to sell, because prices are good and there are plenty of buyers. In simple terms, a shortage of supply and surplus of demand suggests a strong year ahead for positive house prices.”

The Nock Deighton House Price Index report is based on our own statistics and a selection of national reports, and is produced every month.

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