No pre-election jitters here in Shropshire

The run-up to a general election is always an interesting time (depending on your point of view!) and it has had a dramatic effect on the property market in the past.


But this year, the tradition “pre-election slowdown” as buyers wait to see who wins the election is not being felt in Shropshire.


In fact demand for housing is so high that 2015 is looking to be one of the busiest years in some time here at Shropshire estate agents Nock Deighton.


Some commentators are saying the national picture does still indicate an overall cooling down in the market. For instance, a recent survey of National Association of Estate Agents members found that 46% thought the market had slowed in the months leading up to the election in May.


But in Shropshire, that has not been the case because demand is so high - particularly in the Telford and Bridgnorth areas - and we have potential buyers waiting for the right property to come along.


Michael Nettleton, sales and marketing director at Nock Deighton, says: “Our advice if you are considering buying or selling a house in Shropshire is to go for it because the demand is there.


“Having said that, we are expecting a surge of activity when the election is over because even if you’re not politically minded, the prospect of a new Prime Minister or political party running the country does make people subconsciously put big decisions on the back burner.


“So roll on May 7 - or for that matter, May 8 - when we predict the Shropshire property market will get even busier than it has been so far this year.”


Nock Deighton has offices in Telford, Ironbridge, Newport, Ludlow, Cleobury Mortimer and Kidderminster, and provides a full range of services for anyone buying, selling or renting a house in the area.


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