New Window Displays Help House Hunters

Two Shropshire businesses have teamed up to help house-hunters across the county get a clearer picture of the local property market.

Estate agent Nock Deighton has called upon the services of Shrewsbury-based Fairfield Displays and Lighting Ltd to revamp the main front window displays at its offices in Ludlow, Ironbridge, and Bridgnorth.

The signage specialist has installed a series of energy efficient illuminated A1 to A4-sized display frames called LED Light Pockets, which are being used to showcase pictures and information about the range of properties Nock Deighton currently has available for sale or rent.

Not only are the displays ultra bright and aesthetically pleasing, they are hugely energy efficient compared to traditional illuminated displays, which are made with fluorescent tubing, Janice Fairfield, Marketing Director of Fairfield Displays and Lighting Ltd, explained. LEDs use at least a third less energy, meaning they cost less to run, while they also have a significantly longer lifespan these new window displays with last for up to 60,000 hours, which equates to roughly five years, while fluorescent tubes on average only last for 18,000 hours.

Michael Nettleton, Director of Nock Deighton, commented: The new displays are particularly eye-catching and are a great way to help us showcase our property portfolio. Feedback from house-hunters in the few weeks since weve had them installed has been overwhelmingly positive and the displays have certainly become something of a talking point, especially when they start to glow as the sun goes down.

By combining the more traditional, tried and tested methods of marketing a property with modern technologies such as these illuminated displays, online property listings, and social media, we are able to reach a much broader audience than our competitors. This ensures sellers have the best possible chance of getting a good deal, while buyers and renters have a much wider range of properties to choose from.

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