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We recognise that whilst you may not necessarily be thinking of moving currently, you probably nevertheless have an ongoing interest in the local property market, housing trends, and property lifestyle issues.

Therefore, in an effort to evolve our adverts into something more than simply pictures of property, from next week, we will be publishing regular articles that look at various property-related issues. Not just about flats and houses that are currently available for sale, although these will always feature prominently in our adverts, but opinion, commentary and advice on the wider aspects of property ownership.

After all, there is so much more to property than selling it! You only have to look at the overwhelming interest in property-related programmes on TV to realise that estate agents are in a great position to provide advice and information that can be of great interest and benefit to local homeowners. In some ways, finding the buyer is only the beginning! We see our role as going beyond this, so that we are able to help people with their move as a whole, and then continuing to contribute to their property lifestyle thereafter.

So whilst many of our articles will offer advice on how to maximise your prospects of buying or selling quickly and with minimal stress, we will also consider other aspects of moving, including topics such as interior design, gardens, security, period and contemporary features, lighting, entertaining, etc..

We hope you find the articles we publish here over the coming weeks and months interesting, informative and relevant. And, if there is a property-related topic you would like to see in print, please let us know and we will rise to the challenge.

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