Country Homes Expert Advice on Purchasing a Listed Building

Fallen in love with a property in Shropshire that’s listed? Don’t panic - that’s the advice from the country home experts here at Nock Deighton estate agents.


Ross D’Aniello is head of the newly-formed Country Homes department at Nock Deighton, and says a listed status should not be a reason to discount an historical property.


“Very often we hear people are worried about a country home being listed but it is important to remember that if you like the property enough then you will want to maintain its character, which more often than not is exactly what the local authority’s conservation office wants to hear,” Ross says.


“More than 90 per cent of listed buildings are Grade II listed, which means they are buildings of special interest and the owner must make ‘every effort’ to preserve them.


“It is a criminal offence to undertake any works for demolition or alteration of a listed building in a manner which would ‘affect its character as a building of special architectural or historic interest’, without first obtaining listed building consent.


“This sounds terrifying but if you follow the rules and make proposals for alterations that are sympathetic to the character of the property then you may find your local authority willing to work with you.


“It is true that consent is not always easy to obtain but it is worth remembering that councils are tasked with protecting each property and area for future generations - we are merely ‘caretakers’ after all!


“Homes built 200 years ago do not necessarily suit modern styles of living, so while it is important to treat the property with respect, it does not necessarily rule out the ability to make alterations to suit how you wish to live.


“If you fall in love with a property but it is listed, don’t rule it out - ask for a copy of the listing from the council and discuss it with them, they may be more flexible then you realise and your dream home could become a reality.


“If you wish to undertake works on a listed property it’s a good idea to involve a conservation officer from the outset so they feel invested in the decision-making process and appreciate your desire to make a wonderful home out of a property of historical importance.”


For more advice about listed building regulations, contact the Nock Deighton Country Homes department on 01584 875555 or email [email protected].

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