Who is Responsible for the Garden in a Rented Property?

As we bask in the long, hot summer days (we wish!), many of us will spend a lot of time in our gardens.

But who’s responsibility is it to keep a garden in good order when the property is rented - the landlord or the tenant?

Dawn Clarke, director of lettings and property management at Nock Deighton, says it’s an issue which needs addressing right at the start of a tenancy.

She said: “Ultimately, it’s up to the landlord to decide who maintains the garden but the majority of landlords we work with give responsibility to their tenants.

“Landlords can consider employing a gardener to keep on top of things, or having a specific agreement so the tenant just has to keep the lawn in good order while the landlord has responsibility for everything else.

“As with any other aspect of the property, the important thing is to establish the ground rules at the beginning to ensure there are no disagreements further down the line.”

For more advice about lettings and property management, give Dawn a call on 01952 290163.

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