£90 million worth of rental property is not enough for Shropshire

Did you know that the property management team here at Nock Deighton manages more than £90 million worth of properties across Shropshire and Kidderminster?


And it’s not enough to meet the current demand from investors looking to get into the buy-to-let market.


We manage more than 600 homes, but changes to government legislation means they are in high demand.


Dawn Clarke, Bridgnorth and Telford lettings and property management director, said: “The government’s pension reforms mean many people are looking to invest in housing as a way of ensuring they have money put aside for later in life.


“This, combined with the continuing growth of the buy-to-let market, means we are constantly on the look-out for more properties.


“The ones we manage vary widely, from large eight-bedroom properties which have acres of ground in rural Shropshire, to a one or two-bedroom flat in Telford town centre - we can help manage any kind of investment property and they are in demand.


“On average they add up to more than £90 million worth of housing, but demand is so great we are eager to hear from people who have a property which they would like to rent out.”


Traditionally there is a pre-election slowdown in the property market in the run up to a general election - but this year saw no such easing in our area.


Dawn said despite slow markets elsewhere, Shropshire had been particularly busy - especially in the Telford and Bridgnorth areas where demand is very high.


For Nock Deighton 2015 is looking to be one of the busiest years in some time because for those who did wait until a government was in place, they are now finding themselves in a packed market.


“Potential buyers have been waiting for the right property to come along so we did not see any slowdown in the run up to May,” Dawn added.


“But naturally we did also see a significant surge of activity when the election was over - the Shropshire buy-to-let market is the busiest it has been in the last five years.”


Nock Deighton has offices in Telford, Ironbridge, Newport, Bridgnorth, Ludlow, Cleobury Mortimer, Shrewsbury and Kidderminster and provides a full range of services for anyone buying, selling or renting a house in the area.

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