The Key(s) to Success

The key(s) to success!


Anyone who has been through the conveyancing process must agree that weeks of worry and uncertainty between agreeing an offer on a property, up until the day of completion, are amongst most stressful of your life.  However, by learning a little more about the process and following a few simple pieces of advice can help keep down your stress levels and reduce timescales.


  1. Communication is key, while exciting developments may take place some weeks, others can be slower. Whatever is happening, keep in contact with both your estate agent and solicitors to ensure you are kept in the loop.


  1. Ensure you are able to commit time to the administrative side of moving house, yes it’s not as exciting as dreaming of your home but if you focus on gathering together the list of legal documents, ID and financial statements your solicitor will request within their initial documentation it will speed up later stages of the process.


  1. There are rare occasions when the legal process is completed within days however, a far more realistic expectation of timescale is 8-12 weeks, when chains are involved, and the majority of links have to obtain mortgages. Only solicitors can agree completion dates therefore, if you have any specific dates in mind due to pre-booked holidays etc please discuss these with your estate agent at offer stage and solicitor when you initially instruct them.


  1. Confused by the process or legal jargon? Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice from both your estate agents and solicitor. You’ve spent time reading recommendations and talking to friends about their experiences before instructing local professionals, so let your hard work pay off by giving them a call to tap into their years of experience.

Have you got any more tips we can share? We’d love to hear your top 3 today! 

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