How to sell a Leasehold property faster

There are many advantages to owning a leasehold property but when the time comes to sell there are a few pitfalls to avoid and tricks to speed up, the often drawn-out, process:

  1. Call your management company and/or freeholder to check that your account is up to date or even better in credit heading into the sales process. Also ask them if there any special conditions within the lease you need to follow before agreeing a sale.
  2. Find your original lease, any share certificates you own and full contact details of the management company and/or freeholder and pass over to your solicitors as quickly as you can.
  3. Be prepared to pay for and then actively chase your management company for their standard sellers pack as your buyers solicitors will need a copy ASAP. This is the most common delay in leasehold sales but can easily be avoided if you act fast!
  4. Confused by the process or legal jargon? Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice from both your estate agents and solicitor, by giving them a call you tap into their years of experience – we love being helpful!

Athina Morse

Head of Sales Progression

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