How often should a Landlord redecorate their rented property?

From painting the walls to changing the furniture and just about everything in between, every so often landlords need to freshen up their rental property.

But when is the best time to do it? Between tenancies is the obvious answer, but then you need to think about how often you should carry out a full redecoration so that your property is in tip-top shape to attract brand new professional renters.

How often should you decorate?

There’s no written rule for when you should redecorate, as it really does depend on the number of occupants and how they live, so it’s better to monitor things at the end of each tenancy. That way you can make small changes here and there to the property, keeping things fresh as you go.

However, we recommend to our Shropshire landlords that you should review the overall condition at least once every five years or at the end of a particularly long tenancy. Paint jobs and general wear and tear tend to be more visible after five years, making it the best time to tell if the property needs some fresh decoration. 

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