How do you manage your rental portfolio?

I’ve spoken to a few Landlords this week, who for one reason or another, have spread the management of their rental portfolio with a couple of local agents in the area. They have overtime become frustrated and let down by the service provided but as the tenancies were ongoing and live, thought they couldn’t swap managing agents until the tenancies ended. This is not the case.

One Landlord in particular, who holds a very substantial portfolio in the Bridgnorth and Kidderminster area, has felt an obligation to his current agent as he has used their services for a long time but suffered with the decline in service. After having an initial chat with me he checked his agency agreement and saw that he could make the break from his current agent and transfer his properties to us. We have arranged to meet next week over a coffee to discuss a seamless transition of bringing his properties over to our Property Management Department.

Another Landlord told me that as she only has the one rental property she didn’t think we would be interested in her and has stayed with her current agent for years. I assured her this wasn’t the case and we are now looking in to bringing her property over to us. Our services are open to any Landlord, no matter the size of the portfolio.

This process of coming over to Nock Deighton is hassle free to the Landlord as all they are required to do is give their current agent the correct formal notice to terminate their services. Whilst this is happening, I will be making contact with the agent and collecting all the necessary documentation about the property and tenancy, any management keys, carrying out a property and tenancy MOT to ensure that they are in the best shape they can be, arranging a visit with the current tenant to explain the upcoming changes and what they can expect from us as their new agent.

Let the Property Management Department at Nock Deighton take away the stress and headache of managing your rental property so you can spend your quality time where it means the most. If you feel that it’s time for a change from your existing agent please call me on 01952 208740 to discuss how easy this can be.

Ann Skelley

Property Management Team Leader

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