Getting Your Home Ready to Sell; Our Expert's Top Tips

Staging your home is an important process when preparing to sell. Potential buyers of your property statistically will form an opinion of your home within the first 20 seconds of being shown around, therefore, making an exceptional first impression is vital for a positive result. 

What is home staging?

Home staging is not just the process of tidying, but using interiors and lighting to elevate your home and make it more aesthetically pleasing and ‘homely’ to potential buyers. A staged home provides a much more relaxed environment when showing prospective purchasers around your property, if your home is cluttered and crowded, buyers will not be able to visualise the potential of your property or see where they can put their own creative stamp on the place. For example, warm lighting and candles, particularly in the winter, will encourage buyers to visualise what it would be like to have cosy evenings in the property they are being shown, helping to persuade them to buy.  

We have asked our property experts in each of our offices to provide you with their top tip when getting your home ready to sell.


Decluttering doesn’t have to be a lengthy process, it just takes planning. If you plan room to room what area, drawer or cabinet needs decluttering it will make the process a lot easier. Starting with the kitchen for example, have you got cookbooks stacked high on worktops? Organise one’s that you use most often, take ones that you no longer use to a charity shop, or throw those that are messy and ruined from previous attempts at baking. Making small changes around the house can have a huge impact. Placing children’s toys in boxes on shelves or under the bed will maximise floor space and make the room look bigger, appealing to potential buyers. Charity shops and online market places such as Ebay or Bridgnorth’s Sales and Swaps Facebook Page are perfect for those things you no longer want or need. 

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Make “repairs” to your home that you have not got round to, but need doing, such as blown panes of glass or peeling paint, potential buyers will spot them and use them as a starting point for price negotiation, if you remove any need for repairs you will strengthen your own negotiating power. Buyers do not mind paying for improvements but repairs are looked upon unfavourably. These jobs don’t have to be expensive or time consuming, completing small tasks may make a huge difference to the way a room looks. For instance, using a neutral colour such as white or cream to touch up any chipped window ledges or banisters, will allow buyers to see you have taken care and consideration into the up keep of your house, which will mean less maintenance for them if they purchase your property. Using a neutral colour pallet also allows rooms to look brighter and fresh, and enables potential buyers to visualise what their furniture could look like in the space. 

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Does your property have a beautiful garden or bright conservatory? These assets will be a pinnacle selling point of your home, and will really entice buyers if they are presented well.  Showcasing the potential of your property is vital when photos are being taken as well. The simplest of things such as not having bins on display and not having cars on the drive, will make your home looks it's best and influence the buyer’s perception of the property.  Avoid changing too much of the interior of your home as this could be both time consuming and expensive, especially when your buyers will most likely have different tastes to you and could potentially change everything you installed once they move in. Keep it simple and make small changes that have a big impact.

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At this time of year, a major consideration for buyers is the garden.  Ensuring the garden is at it's best both front and rear by cutting grass, planting borders and erecting hanging baskets can hugely improve curb appeal and make an excellent first impression.

With the summer just approaching now is the perfect opportunity to spend time making sure your garden looks it's best. This doesn’t have to be an expensive landscaping project, a few brightly coloured flowers and well maintained lawn will make the garden seem more attractive to buyers and help with the sale of your house. By introducing flowers not only are you encouraging birds and butterflies into your garden, but it adds character and life, particularly if you are only working with a small space. 

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Does your home have a beautiful bathroom or spectacular kitchen? Saving these ‘Wow Factor’ rooms until last will leave a lasting impression on your potential buyers. It is very likely that the people looking around your home have viewed several different properties before, so you want to give them something to remember and keep them interested throughout. By showing your homes best features until last may change the buyer’s initial opinion and could result in a sale. If your home hasn’t got a huge grand entrance hall Buckingham Palace would be proud of, which most will not, but does have an incredible garden or unique kitchen, spend time showcasing this by leaving them until last.  

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A recent survey has concluded that the Top 5 Smells for selling your home are:

1. Bread (35%)
2. Coffee (32%)
3. Clean laundry (29%)
4. Fresh flowers (24%)
5. Open fire (19%)

Making sure that your home is clean is an obvious suggestion, but also making sure it smells delightful and inviting often goes forgotten. Potential buyers will be much more relaxed and at ease if they enter your home and it smells nice. We’re not suggesting you spend all morning baking bread or washing all of your bed sheets to achieve that fresh, clean laundry smell, simply having candles and reed diffusers are a much easier and less time consuming way to achieve an amazing smelling home. Carefully place scented candles in the entrance of your home, so as soon as viewers walk in they are greeted by a delightful scent, avoid overpowering or sweet smells such as cinnamon.  You can place reed diffusers in bathrooms which both looks nice on open shelves and provides a fresh scent.  You want to leave a lasting impression on your potential buyers, and having a delicious smelling home will be something they remember.

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We hope you have gained an insight into things that assist in the sale of your home, perhaps things you had previously not thought of. 

Our property experts are always on hand to provide advice and assist you, whatever your enquiry. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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