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A local commercial property expert is urging landlords to be on the lookout for a number of common defects that  if undetected could end up costing them thousands of pounds to repair.

With the booming buy-to-let market predicted to continue its growth over the months ahead, Shropshire-based Nock Deighton has outlined five of the most widespread defects that landlords and buyers should be aware of when viewing potential properties.

While no property is ever perfect, the vast majority do come as advertised, Stephen Morris MRICS MASI MCIOB, Senior Building Surveyor of Nock Deighton, explained. However, there are instances where certain defects or faults can slip through undetected while the transaction is being completed. Some of the most common faults, which can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds to rectify, are the some of the easiest to spot and deal with.

For example, replacing a roof on an average property can cost up to £15,000, yet any problems can be easily picked up by having an in-depth survey carried out by a qualified surveyor. Similarly, especially with older buildings, chimneys can suffer from weathering and lean to the side. Particularly in the winter months, frost damage to bricks can also lead to the delaminating of the surface, and while most chimney repairs tend to be minor, any major works required can be extremely costly.

Mr Morris also urges landlords to thoroughly check the electrics and wiring, principally in older properties, and ensure they are aware of the date of the next due inspection, as well as finding out whether a propertys central heating boiler system might need replacing or updating.

A final point to bear in mind is the age old issue of rising damp. This can be a particular concern with homes that have a fairly new patio. If the patio has been laid too high, this can affect the effectiveness of the propertys damp proof coursing, which should be a minimum of 15cm above floor level. Reducing the height of a patio to rectify this problem would, of course, cost thousands, Stephen Morris concluded.

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