Embracing the spirit of Hygge to sell your home

At its heart, Hygge is what us Brits have been doing every winter from the year dot - getting warm and cosy in our homes while the weather howls outside.

But have you considered using Hygge to help sell your home? Michael Nettleton, sales and marketing director here at Nock Deighton, has some tips.

The winter is a great time to sell your home because you can really make your home a cosy, welcoming place - which is what Hygge is all about.

When you are getting ready for a viewing, consider the following pointers to give your house some extra appeal to buyers…

1. Make sure the heating is on, and light any fires in the house - or if they are not working fires, light some big candles in the hearth to give a cosy glow.

2. Play some relaxing music in the background to create a welcoming atmosphere and avoid any awkward silences.

3. Consider the lighting - you want the rooms to be bright enough so they look good, but not so bright that the house feels clinical. A mixture of overhead and low level lighting works well.

4. Comfortable throws on the sofa and a book lying open on the coffee table as if you’ve just got up from reading in front of the fire create a lovely feeling of homeliness - remember you are selling a lifestyle, and if a buyer thinks “I wish I was living here so I can do this” then you’re onto a winner.

For more advice about selling your home, contact the sales team at Nock Deighton on 01952 292300.

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