Condensation- How to Avoid it

CONDENSATION -how to avoid it this winter


We are finding that more and more rented properties are suffering with damp/condensation, which is a common complaint each winter. This sometimes leads to tenants seeking alternative accommodation, which is completely unnecessary in most cases, as the problem can usually be treated and then avoided.


Obviously, if there is water ingress into the property (e.g. from a roof leak or a burst/leaking pipe), this can cause damp and will require a builder/specialist contractor to remedy. But it is quite simple to differentiate between "damp" and "condensation".


What a lot of people don't realise is condensation is caused by an imbalance of heat and ventilation. Everyday modern living involves moisture in the home, but condensation can occur even in the warmest atmospheres, if the excess moisture can't get out, which is tricky in the winter when the air outside is cold and damp. Our aim is to help tenants understand what causes the problem, how to deal with it and how to prevent it from happening again.


Part of our campaign is to share this really helpful YouTube video with our tenants, put together by an independent contractor - it explains the difference between damp and condensation, how to prevent it and how to treat it.


After all, happy Tenants make happy Landlords!


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