Buying a house? Don't Get Emotionally Involved.

Sentiment can often get in the way when you are buying a house but it’s important to keep your feet squarely on the ground and employ cool logic in your deliberations.

We’ve all heard someone say “I’ve fallen in love with this house I have seen” or “we simply have to have the house we viewed”.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying house-hunting, and in coming to a decision between properties your judgement is clearly going to be influenced by feelings - but make sure you are making your mind up for the right reasons.

So, how do you know if you are too emotionally attached to a property you have seen and are keen on buying? Here are some pointers to keep you stay on the straight and narrow:

  • Remember that sentiment can be a huge distraction and seriously cloud your judgement.
  • Make sure you see the property for what it is, rather than how you feel about it.
  • When deciding to buy a property, you will have already decided on a framework of what you want and need, so stick to the basics of that.
  • Always ensure the numbers are right and if you really feel that you can’t trust yourself, enlist the help of a professional or other reliable third party who will view the whole thing with a more clinical eye.

The other really good piece of advice in buying a house is to give yourself time to think about it, it’s an important decision to make so it’s a good idea not to rush into it.

Sleeping on it or even leaving things a couple of days usually allows for the initial excitement to become tempered giving way to a cooler reality and a more objective frame of mind.

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