£130 billion of mortgage guarantees

Michael Nettleton, Director of Nock Deighton, believes that overall, the Budget announcements are positive news for the region and will help to boost confidence and independence amongst consumers. Commenting, Mike said: “The announcement that £130billion of mortgage guarantees are being made available is encouraging news for Shropshire, and shows the Government’s commitment to helping individuals make informed decisions, whilst also giving them the confidence to spend again in a responsible and structured way. The Chancellor has also, this time, addressed the need to consider not only new housing developers, but also the needs of other home owners looking to move up the ladder, which I’m hopeful will help boost the Shropshire housing market further. Of course, we’ll have to see what the small print says, but certainly in principle I believe the Chancellor has made some encouraging announcements. With the local housing market having already shown strong signs of continued growth this year, the moves the Government has pledged should certainly result in more confidence over the coming months.”

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