Can I Move House before Christmas?

Have you made plans for Christmas? Nock Deighton’s head of Country Homes, Ross D’Aniello, has. Here’s why...

“Is the turkey ordered, the tree decorated and the presents wrapped… No? Of course not, Christmas is months away yet.


“Not in the property market, however. It is imminent - and in fact is right at the end of this next selling season.


“At the time of writing this article, there are only about 100 days to go until Christmas Day. Considering that the average timescale for a Country Home is eight to 10 weeks from a deal being agreed to completion that means 56 to 74 of those days are in solicitors hands. This gives you just 44 to 26 days to get on the market and find a buyer.

“If one were to consider that a properly priced Country Home, with good marketing and fair market conditions, could sell within four to six weeks (or 28 to 42 days) this means that any completion dates will have to take Christmas into consideration.

“The spring and autumn months are traditionally the busiest times of year in the property market, with the latter usually being particularly time-sensitive as often buyers and sellers wish to take advantage of the increased levels of activity to ensure that their house is sold and that they’re in their new home by Christmas.


“It is important to ensure that your agent and your solicitor is aware of your desires regarding this date and in the event that you find a buyer, make sure from the outset that you both agree on either a ‘pre’ or ‘post’ Christmas completion date.

“Now is the time to get your property on the market, if you want to have a shot of achieving this deadline.”

If you wish discuss your property or the market in general then please feel free to get in touch with our Country Homes department.

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