Are Gas Safety Certificates required for new build properties?

As a letting agent, we are asked this question on a regular basis, with both new-build and newly-renovated properties.

All new-build properties, or those with a new gas installation, will be provided with a Building Compliance Certificate, issued by a Gas Safe installer.

So why should a landlord need to spend more money obtaining another ‘Landlord Gas Safety Record’?

Well, in accordance with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1988 a Landlord’s gas safety record must include:

  • the date on which the appliance or flue was checked;
  • the address of the premises at which the appliance or flue is installed;
  • the name and address of the landlord of the premises (or, where appropriate, his agent) at which the appliance or flue is installed;
  • a description of and the location of each appliance or flue checked;
  • any defect identified;
  • any remedial action taken;
  • confirmation that the check undertaken complies with the requirements of paragraph (9) below;
  • the name and signature of the individual carrying out the check; and
  • the registration number with which that individual, or his employer, is registered with a body approved by the Executive for the purposes of regulation 3(3) of these Regulations.

So you can answer that question yourself – even if your newly-built or newly-renovated property has a Gas or Building Compliance certificate, if you cannot tick all of the above checks off on your certificate, then the chances are you are not compliant with the regulations when letting that property.

What’s the Risk?

It does seem rather picky, but the risk is, that if a possession claim went to court at any point in the future, a Judge may throw it out if the tenant (or representative of) pointed this out.

Belt & braces – ask the gas engineer to produce a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate.

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