A week in the life of a Property Manager - Monday

Our Property Manager Team Leader, Ann Skelley gives an account of a usual working week

Most people generally know (or can make an educated guess) about the basics of managing a rented property, but we thought we’d give you an insight into how Nock Deighton manage a portfolio of over 700 managed tenancies.

Every day brings new challenges and queries raised from both tenants and landlords, emergency maintenance issues, so you can never plan any day perfectly.


Although every day brings new maintenance issues when managing over 700 properties, Mondays are generally dedicated to maintenance.

There are always ongoing maintenance issues – from emergency (plumbing, heating, electrics) to fallen fences, damp, mould and broken locks, which we deal with on a daily basis. But there are various stages of those ongoing maintenance issues which need tracking and follow-ups – chasing contractors, arranging access, checking satisfactory completion, processing bills for payments, etc – these are what Mondays are ‘reserved’ for!

We have an excellent online maintenance reporting system, which enables tenants to report any issues at any time of day or night (via a pc/laptop or a shortcut on their smartphone), where they can upload photos, and even change it to their own native language to make it easier. This clever ‘wizard’ system will identify whether the issue is classed as an emergency and will provide our emergency out of hours number if necessary, but it can also provide assistance to tenants for self-help if appropriate.

Once reported via this online system, our Property Managers will receive an immediate email, and will action accordingly. Due to current legislation it is imperative that all maintenance is reported in writing, so this is another way of ensuring we have an accurate written record.

Ann Skelley

Property Management Team Leader

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