Buying FAQs

Can I view the properties before the auction?

Yes, we will carry out a virtual tour of the property as soon as we’re able to. This will be included in the property details on our website, where you will also be able to book a physical viewing should they be available.

How do I register to bid before the auction?

To bid in an Auction Event you will need to submit the simple form on our website ahead of the auction date. We will then need to verify your ID and receive your method of payment prior to being fully registered.

To bid in a Timed Auction, you should register to bid by clicking on the button on the property details page on our website.You will be asked to register for an Auction Passport with Essential Information Group (who operate our online bidding platform) and to confirm your ID and method of payment. You will then be able to click and bid at any time 24/7 up to the end date of the auction.

How long does it take to offer each lot in an Auction Event?

Each lot varies; there is no set amount of time per lot although generally it is approximately 5-7 minutes per lot.

If I am a successful bidder how much deposit do I have to pay?

This is dependent on the method of sale on the lot you’re purchasing. If it’s unconditional with fixed fee sale then this will be 10%, while for unconditional variable fee lots this will be 5%, subject to a minimum of £5,000.

How is the deposit payable?

Your deposit will be taken from the debit method you provide to us prior to the auction.

If I am a successful purchaser when do I have to complete the purchase and pay the balance monies?

The normal completion period for an unconditional sale is 15 business days after the sale and 40 business days for a conditional sale, although you should inspect the legal pack to confirm this as the Special Conditions of Sale may state otherwise.

How can I view the legal pack and contract before the auction?

These are available to view on each property listing on our website and are uploaded as and when we receive them from the appointed solicitor. If the legal pack has not yet been received when you click to view, you should register your details to then receive an alert when it is uploaded.

Can I make an offer prior to the auction?

Yes, some sellers will consider selling prior to the auction but only on the condition that an unconditional contract is exchanged or a reservation fee is paid before the auction.

How can I make this offer?

Offers must be made in writing or by email to [email protected]. Verbal offers will not be accepted. Offers will always be acknowledged. If you’re making an offer prior to the auction date then any offer must be above the guide price to be considered.

Can I have the property surveyed before the auction?

Yes, you can and this is often advised. You must instruct your surveyor to contact us on 0800 046 5454 for access

Are there any further costs to pay in addition to the sale price?

Yes, and these vary depending on the method of sale associated with the property and the country in which you are purchasing. These are listed below – please note the reservation fee does not contribute towards the purchase price. Any further additional costs, which are payable in addition to the purchase price will be included within the Special Conditions that are attached to the Contract. Therefore all prospective purchasers must inspect the legal packs thoroughly. We also strongly advise prospective purchasers to request a legal representative reviews the pack for every lot that you may wish to bid on, so that you are fully aware of any additional costs, if applicable.

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