Development Land

If you feel your land has development potential, speaking with us would be a great place to start.

Typically, development land falls into six key categories:

  1. Development Potential: If you believe your land has potential for a development, please do get in touch so we can work on your tailored strategy to maximise the potential value of your asset, and ultimately put the most money in your pocket.
  2. Planning Permission has been applied for: Have you recently submitted a planning application for your potential development land? We have an extensive database full of high net worth property developers who are actively looking for projects. We can quickly and easily make discreet inquiries into the potential demand for such a site.
  3. Planning Permission has been refused: If your planning permission application has been refused please do not assume this to be the end of your development opportunity. We advise you to ask for a second opinion and seek to understand where the original application has fallen short.
  4. Planning Permission has been approved: Congratulations your planning application has been accepted! The next stage is to establish your options. Our large database of developers are always keen to take on new projects, or, if you are looking to deliver the site yourself, we can also offer introductions to development finance and advice with regards to potential sale values of your completed units.
  5. Under construction: Is your site currently under construction? Get in touch and we and look to put together a bespoke marketing plan prior to the site’s launch.
  6. Market Ready: We have a huge marketing machine ready, willing and able to get into action straight away to promote your site to the variety of active buyers we have waiting on our database. If maximising the profile of your site is your primary focus, now would be a great time to discuss things further.

If you have any land, buildings or development opportunities which you believe we may be able to help you with. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via our details below.

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