Livestock Market

Our purpose-built, dedicated Livestock & Auction Centre is located just outside Bridgnorth in the heart of the Shropshire countryside. Our regular Tuesday primestock sales, store sales and machinery sales attract visitors and buyers from across the UK, in addition to our specialist pedigree and rare breed sales. Read More

Weekly Primestock Sales

Our Primestock sales are held every Tuesday at the Livestock & Auction Centre and regularly attract buyers from Scot...

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Store Sales

Store cattle and sheep are sold fortnightly on Friday at the Livestock & Auction Centre. We attract buyers and selle...

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Poultry & Produce

This sale takes place every Friday at the Livestock & Auction Centre. All varieties of poultry are showcased includi...

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Deadweight Pig Sales

Pork, cutter and bacon pigs, along with cull sows and boars are sold from farm to abattoir on a deadweight basis. Weekly...

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Direct Sales

Our farm to farm sales service assists in procurement of a wide range of store stock to our livestock market supplies. C...

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Collective Machinery Sales

These sales are conducted throughout the year at the Livestock & Auction Centre. Held on a quarterly basis, a wide r...

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Farm Dispersal Sales

Our team is highly experienced in farm dispersal sales of cattle, sheep, agricultural machinery, equipment and plant, an...

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Fodder, Straw & Grass Keep Sales

Our dedicated agricultural team run regular seasonal auctions sales of fodder, straw and grass keep both in the Livestoc...

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